Building attraction?

What are things to build attraction and also explain the different aspects.
what are things that make girls attracted to a certain guy? Some of the stuff I ehar thrown around are flirting and breaking the touch barrier. What other things should I guy do to build attraction with a girl. And also explain what each are.


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  • this is so vague...


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  • Demonstrate your value bro. Show her that you're this handsome man. An athlete. A scholar. A comedian. That you ARE all that. Carry yourself with an air of confidence in yourself and who you are. Then approach her, and make her laugh and show her a good time. But don't just start hitting on her or she'll think you only want her for her looks.

    Then when you notice that she thinks your this funny, cute, smart, athletic guy who is just so confident, you'll notice signs that she likes you. She'll try to flirt with you, or if she's shy you'll notice her getting uncomfortable around you.

    That's when you start flirting back, and take it from there.

    Oh and be sure to tease each other for some reason if it's done right she'll love you for it. Show her your playful, funny side. But then be a gentleman.


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