What do you want in a girlfriend, other than sex? And what are the top 10 important aspects you look for in a girlfriend?

Please explain.

What & why.

thank you.


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  • She must either have 3 out of the following or all of the above ( if she does then she's perfect for me.)

    Sweet,Caring, Understanding, Funny, Wise, Intelligent, Thoughtful, Passionate, Free spirited, and Loyal.

    The reason being is because each one of the things I just listed I think we all can agree on either one or all of them being what we might want in our lover. If she had those characteristics I would consider her what I want in a lover, Others may disagree but I want a sweet and sensitive woman, usually those girls are quite thoughtful and I'm the same, just not sensitive lol. So I believe our conversations would be very interesting, and I can talk on about anything and almost everything.


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