If you could, would you wash off your tattoo?

If there were a special soap that would wash your tattoo off as though you never got it, would your do it ? Why or why not ?

I would choose 'C' since I have a hot pink playboy bunny on my chest, and it's big, pretty visible and waaay pink. I feel as though it defines me more than provides the intended accent I was looking for. I would like to try virgin skin for a bit before hitting the needle again. (Plus it cost me a job at Hooters ! Luckily that was good for me since I got a better job 2 weeks later)
  • No way, I love my tattoos !
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  • I would wash one/some off and replace with a more appropriate one
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  • I would wash one/some off and enjoy virgin skin before deciding to mark myself again.
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  • I would wash all tattoos off never to mark myself again.
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  • I have never been tattooed so wouldn't need the soap.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • this question just proves how many people out there should think more before getting some dumb tattoo on them.

    • I mostly agree...it's so easy to get one, impossible to get rid of it. I had wanted my tattoo for a few years, and always imagined myself with it. Now I find myself imagining myself if I didn't have it.

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What Guys Said 3

  • there's nothing like a fresh skin without piercings or tattoos, just natural, and that play boy tattoo you have is disgusting, people may look at it but it's a turn off. if you had nothing, it would be al ot better...so I suggest if you can remove it then do it, and never let the needle enter your skin again...your better natural...in all kinds!

    • Such hater...you have your opinion so keep it to yourself. Tattoos are permanent so I'll be wearing this bunny for life, so if you don't like it then keep away.

  • They fired you at Hooters for having a titty tattoo? I would think that would be one place that wouldn't mind.

    • Company policy is no visible tattoos...whatever corporate wants...

    • I thought they were supposed to be delightfully tacky?

    • It's not the lame Hooters brand to have "dirty" tattooed girls I guess :p

      Tacky, yes, that costume is super tacky to wear !

  • I have roughly 25 tattoos and I want to get rid of 3 of them.

    The three I want to get rid of are just... REALLY shotty work. I did them myself when I was learning to tattoo. They're all black ink so covering them would be difficult.

    I've looked into different methods of tattoo removal. Sandpaper doesn't work, Razor blades don't work, burning doesn't work, and removal creams like wrecking balm doesn't work.

    I have some sketches that I'm going to bring to a studio and see if they can be covered up.


What Girls Said 8

  • Haaa I gave myself a tattoo a couple years ago and I kind of regret it now. I've considered shaving it off. It's really small and whatever, but it basically looks like sharpie. But permanent. I was an idiot.

  • Were you turned down for the job at Hooters because they thought your tattoo was too big for the job, too "vain"?

    • Hooters has a national no visible tattoo policy, so it wouldn't matter if I were sleeved or had a tiny tattoo. As long is they are covered, it's OK. It's suprisingly hard to cover a tattoo with makeup and have it look natural. Further, the GM said my playboy tattoo would "send the wrong message to customers...that still cracks me up, especially standing there in my super-tight costume they make us wear !

    • Well I danced at a strip club near a town where I grew up and the policy there was arbitrary, as per the club owner, and he didn't want "excessive" tattoos and piercings on girls (no dragons, wires, 'I love Billy' markings; no nose, eye, lip, tongue, clit piercings). Reasons being that it looked too "unapproachable" by many of the shy male customers coming in. The owner wanted "non-combative, sweet" looking girls working for his club. He wanted a club that looked acceptable >>

    • for the President of the US to walk in (a jest, but the point is he didn't want girls openly cussing or throwing drinks into customers faces because they got groped. He wanted a professional atmosphere, funny as that is, but that's what he wanted, and his experiences was that girls with tattoos and piercings are more likely to throw drinks at customers than otherwise).

  • have never been tattooed. And am not a fan of tattoos

  • Nope. My tattoo means so much to me that's why I have it. I would never want it removed.

  • i love my tattoos. the first one I did it on my tailbone when I was 19 years old & on a holiday with friends (no family) in australia, so it had a lot of significance for me because I was experiencing TOTAL freedom for the first time. every time I look at it I have nothing but positive feelings.

    the second one is my name in Manchu which was done when I was 20. it's written vertically and runs down my spine about 8 inches long. I'm part Manchu & I love the language and the culture. people always ask me what language it is, and I enjoy telling them about the Manchu language since the language itself is dying.

    my tats have a deep-rooted significance, that's why I don't have any regrets & am not thinking of removing them. plus they're placed in strategic locations that I can cover up easily whenever I find the need to.

  • Yeah, and I'd have it redone at a better tattoo parlor :|

  • I don't have a tattoo :)

  • I have 6 Tattooes I think LOL..and no I wouldn't wash them away I love everyone of my tattooes, iv heard all the negative opinions from lame guys tramp stamps and what not, just ignore them there gay! each one of my tattooes have a story or meaning behinf them which I love, I even have a playboy one down below, it has a story behind it special to me so I would keep it definitely.

    • Definitely...I love my playboy bunny too, so it's good to hear from you !

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