How should I approach a cute guy I don't know?

There is a guy at the same basketball club as me and he plays with one of my close friends. Lately I've noticed him looking at me all the time and the other day I was watching him play and he'd keep looking and when I left my friend said he was looking around like he was looking for me. I think he's really cute and I'd like to talk to him but I don't have the courage!

Should I just walk up to him and say hey or tell my friend? I'm stuck!

Guys opinions would be good, just so I know what you guys think about.


Most Helpful Guy

  • The more reassurance he can get the better chance you have of him asking you out. So yes go up and introduce yourself, hi I'm _____ and then you could say that you are friends with the guy you both know just to get the conversation going. But flirting is aways useful because it gives him confidence to ask you out. Also if he makes you laugh a light touch on the arm and a that's so funny omg is a major signal. Hope this helps:)


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  • Say, "Hi." Guys LOVE a girl who can make the first move, why do we have to do all the work?


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  • Yeah! You should just approach him casually, say hi, and maybe make some friendly he was a good shooter or defending well or ask him to show you how to make those crazy three pointers he was making. You'll probably be able to gauge his level interest from how he reacts to you. If it's negative or if he's totally weird, just casually bum out and flirt it up with someone else.


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