Why do stores go by "sizes" instead of real measurements?

These sizes change within each store/brand. How do they measure? What is a size 0? A 20? And with pants, why can't they just give us the inches? It's so much easier to shop that way. I like the XS,S,M,L,XL rating, just not the size 2 or whatnot rating. And before you jump into any conclusions, I am not extremely fat nor extremely skinny. I can wear anything a from a 2 to 8.


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  • That's what dressing rooms are for.

    It's really not that hard. I personally never have a problem with finding the right size pants or what not. It also depends on if the brand goes by European or American sizes. A size 0 in the US is a size 4 in Europe.

    A little trick that my dad taught me: Take your arm and put your hand into a fist, so it's from your elbow to the end of your fist, and put it into the part of the pants that will rest on your waist. I hope I explained that okay. But using that little trick really helps me.

    • Is a size 0 in Europe the same as -4 in the U.S.? Just wondering.

    • I'm almost positive sizes don't go down to the negatives. It's probably going to be sized as junior instead of adult sizes.

    • ah, that makes a lot of sense.

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  • Yeah, that's always annoying. I can never find jeans that fit well. I've bought pairs anywhere from size 0 to 9, literally. And then I have a pair that's supposed to be a long size, but they fit as capris on me. Oh well, what can you do?

    • I know! I tried on a prom dress in Macy's (it was a size 3) and was a bit loose but then this thank top in H&M almost didn't fit me...and it was a size 8!

    • Actually, I think H&M sizes stuff by european sizes, which are larger numbers than what we're used to at Macy's and stuff. But even amongst the ones that use US sizing, it varies so much. Blah. Whenever I find jeans that fit me well (if I ever do), I'm just going to buy the same kind forever.

  • maybe for simplicity's sake?

  • agreed. :)

  • Some jeans do do the size instead of the 0,2,4 etc. I use to look at Silver Jeans for girls at the Buckle and they would have 26x34 or something like that. I think it is already that way for guys.

    Also I can wear anything from a size 2-6 but size 4 and 6 seems loose and size 2 seems really tight at first but after a few hours of wearing it it is super loose. I have no idea why that happens to me. And for jeans size I would pick 2 SHORT and for the other jean size I wear 26x30


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