He was looking at me and again he stopped eye contact?

So I just had my first night at Army cadets , I'm going back on Thursday but a boy who I found rater good looking lol double looked me. Like I was walking out and I caught him once as soon as we met eyes he drop his stare , I thought that he was just looking at the new girl. But when I looked back at him he was looking at me and again he stopped eye contact. I saw him looking at me while I was standing out side as well . He was shouting out the drill so I thought it best to stay where I was and not talk to him. But what does it mean I was thinking he could be like oh the new girl but I don't know the rest of the boys just took one look.


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  • There isn't really enough information to go on here.

    You can't determine anything by someone looking at you. Unless the look was seductive or you caught him looking a whole bunch of times or he was staring at you its impossible to tell.

    He may have been looking at you because you're new and different or could be because he thought you were cute or both.

    You don't even know if the other guys were looking at you only once. Most times a guy checks out a girl is when she isn't looking.

    If you are interested in him then don't bother analysing every mundane detail. Just go talk to him. Even if he wasn't interested, he may become interested just because you did that instead of standing around wondering what he's thinking.


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