Are there people who just don't look good with make-up?

I've been attempting make-up for years. But besides the usual face cleansers, I don't put anything on my face. My eyelids need a little something, though. I just don't know what.

I've tried mascara, eye shadow, eyeliner (pencil and liquid). I tried to do it and I've also had the pros at Shu Uemura do it.

It just doesn't look good. Even if I put it on lightly, it just either does not make a difference or it makes my eyelids look oily.

So are there people who have faces not that suited for makeup? My mom had the same problem. Should I give up? Anyone have this experience?


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  • I do think there are people who just don't look good with makeup, just as there are people who just don't look good without makeup.

    But, with makeup, you just have to constantly explore and experiment.

    What makeup problem are you having specifically? Eye makeup?

    Primers could help, but sometimes you have to learn the right technique(hand, tools and makeup).

    And hun, those "professionals" aren't always the best lol They normally make people look like clowns

    • Yes, eye makeup.

      Put too little, it doesn't make a difference or it seems lacking. Put too much, I start looking scary. I have pretty much little to no intuition or a brain for it. My best efforts: I bought two different types of brushes. Doesn't help me one bit. I thought the liquid eyeliner would be a godsend but it just gets hidden (since you pretty much can only see my double eyelid at the edge of my eyes)

      and the 'professionals': lol. OK. that makes me feel a little bit better.

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    • And sometimes it takes searching and searching to find the right products

    • I did not know about her mascara tutorial. Yay. Thanks :) ! I do feel Michelle Phan's eyelids provide for a larger canvas so to speak :P.

      I'm so close to giving up on those products, though. So close. Thank you for all the tips :D ! I need all the help I can get.

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  • Ae you sure you don't look good? Could it be you just aren't comfortable with the make-up? It is supposed to enhance the natural beauty that you have. A little goes a long way! I use mascara and chapstic and work in high fashion...It just depends on your face. I would also encourage you to find a saphora and have them help you! They have make-up from every price range and really helpful artists. Good luck!

  • Well there are some girls who just wear WAYY too much black eyeliner. It just looks gross and slutty

  • yes those people do exist

  • it's not that you don't look good in makeup, it's thtat you don't know how to use it. I would pay for a makeover if I were you

  • I am the "natural type". I don't wanna sound cocky or something but I really don't need much make-up to look good :D


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