What do you look for in a girl?

what are you looking for in a girl what impresses you the most in her ? her personality? body ?etc...


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  • We all go based on looks at the outset, because that's the first part of a person we see before getting to know them. If I think she's attractive, then I'll talk to her and see what kind of a person she is...if she's kind and smart, with a good sense of humor, then that's really about all I need. Appearance is *a* factor, but for me, it's not the main factor. I'd rather date an average or decent-looking woman with an amazing personality, as opposed to someone who's ridiculously hot but has no personality to speak of.


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  • A collection of everything. Looks matter, because that's the first impression I get of anyone, but if it's not backed up by personality, then it's not enough. Likewise personality can make an average girl more attractive.

    A decent dose of confidence combined with a fun but kind personality, plus a slightly rebellious side, and decent looks (but not overly high maintenance) ...that's what I look for. (Damn, I'm really quite picky!)

    • hahah very picky :) but definitley will find a perfect girl with all what your looking for !

  • I look for a Personality that is compatible from mine but not a female version of me. I want a girl who is smart, likes my humor and is not scared to get her hands dirty once in a wile, but still has an air of elegance.

  • The way of looking differs from person to person.

    My friend's girlfriend is totally ugly,and he's so handsome...i don't know what he saw on that girl.

    May be she met all of his subconscious criteria.

    That is how attraction works for most of the time.

    if you met a guy...who is not so good looking but the way he moves talks...laugh etc..unconsciously reminds you of

    your loved one then you might fall in love with that guy.

    But consciously you will never know the true reason why you like that guy.

    And other common attraction are..

    -Hot body

    -good looks

    -beautiful eyes

    As I said above...it doesn't necessarily work for everyone.

    Those who have beautiful looks might not be so interested in good looks and find another

    what they're searching for.

    Give them what they want.

    for example: a guy who lacks confident power may be attracted to confident girl.

    whereas overly confident guy might attract to shy girl.

  • An average body is OK if she has a pretty face. There's such a wide variety of appearances that I'm attracted to it's not even worth laying out. I'm not so much into fat girls though. I used to be fat and it takes me back to how bad that was.

    Her personality is so important. I have to be able to laugh with my girlfriend, and she must also be able to take a joke at her expense as well as give it back to me. It's just my sense of humor and I feel closer to people I can joke around with. It's a big part of how I cope with hard things in life too, self-deprecating humor.


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