Does this suit me or not? PLEASE HELP!

I want a full fringe, but I'm not sure if it would suit me.. in order for everyone to judge if it suits me or not I've simply pulled my hair so that it sort of look like a full fringe. Judging by the (picture) on my profile. Can you please give me your opinion :)

kind regards.

link to my profile:


if this doesn't work just go to my profile.

Also please answer HONESTLY.


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  • I can't see any photos other than your profile pic but I'm gonna say yes. You look like you have lovely thick hair and the right face shape to pull it off. If you're still nervous about getting the chop, try googling rashida jones. She's got a nice long fringe that she wears in various styles. That kind of fringe would be long enough to be swept back in case you change your mind and would be a good in-between style if you want something thicker and blunter.

    Hope this helps!

    • oh? that's weird! :S

      well anyways thank you:) I'm googling her right now (:

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  • You don't look like you have full fringe in your picture, but I think it would be cute on you:)

    • sorry :S I tried to get it as close as possible aha (:

      thanks for your opinion:)

    • I think must people can pull them off. I think there cute when there on there a little long. link

  • No. your forehead doesn't seem large enough for one


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