Is there a scale for this?

So I'm just curious about some sort of "hotness scale" that people use to rate a persons attractiveness. Is this for real? and do you use it ever? and if so, how would you rate me? I'm just curious, these things are funny to me ^_^


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  • I was watching a show called: "The Doctors", and they said that when a man sees a woman, his brain determines if the woman is hot or not in less than a second. Further rating is probably done by the man himself. But a mans brain tells the man if the girl is hot or not in less than a second.


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  • Girls Ask Guys offers something called "Would you date me?" (Under the reality tab) it kind of gives you an idea where you might stand with in the dating scene. May want to give that a shot. :)

  • 1. first dergee burn

    2. second dergee burn

    3. third dergee burn

    this is what you mean right?


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