How early is too early to send flowers with roses?

Hi all,

What's your opinion on a guy sending flowers to his female co-worker on thanksgiving day, the flower arrangements containing roses?

she has feelings for him, and he's also eyeing on her?

gals, what do you think of a cute guy sends you flowers with roses and asks you to go out on a date along with sending them?

thanks so much ppl!

what's a good substitute for roses?


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  • Since ya said she has feelings for ya, then I think it would totally flattering for her to receive flowers from ya. I think lily would be great. Good luck!


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  • Its a very good way to open up to a girl. I'm not sure if I would send roses. I would go with a daisy or something sweet, pure, and innocent. To me roses mean passion, love, and feelings. A bit to much for asking someone out.

    A daisy or lily's.seem nice


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  • I think anything but roses would be okay -- roses are for more serious relationships. But any other flowers would be okay.

    If it's a way to ask for a first date, I suggest a small flower arrangement, nothing too big and flashy, but something in a small planter so she can save 'em.

    Good luck!