What do you girls look for in a guy?

What do you girls look for in a guy? and why do you like those things...


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  • LOL @Lemonadeparty down there.

    Well in all honesty you might want to pick up a dating book just to see what the best selling authors are telling most women what traits to look for.

    But here are some general traits:

    1. The tall guy wins (it says so in magazines that I've read, and I read a lot of them). If there were 3 good looking guys at a party and a gorgeous girl comes in, she will choose the tallest out of the three. Why? link

    2. Second thing girl looks in a guy is probably the way he dresses. She would probably like a guy not wearing clothes that look like it's from the dumps, and he smells, and has super yellow teeth. Why? link

    3. Girls probably want a guy who has it all together. He KNOWS what he wants and has direction. Maybe he loves his job, or is pursuing his dream career and is super smart (has potential of making it big). link

    4. Women have to be some what attracted to you (depends on the girl, for example me: I would not like a guy who has too many piercings or tattoos or wears giant clown shoes that are larger than his face, or someone who smokes pot like it's water, and who has so much debt I could not make that much amount in my lifetime, or who has gone to jail too many time, or who has 10 kids from 10 different women by the time he's 30 etc)

    Well for the first 3 I did research for you, for the #4, I think that's personal stuff man.

    Anyways I hope this helped you a bit and good luck


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  • What I want in a guy is someone who will wear a tuxedo, is easy to get along with and can cook.

    That what you needed to hear?

    • Lol very Funny...hahha..and no I didn't think I would hear that hahaha...I just want the truth..because its better to know the truth even tho it hurts then being blind and Ignorant of the truth

  • Someone that I can talk to all day and not get bored..has the same sense of humor..is okay with just having days where we sit around and cuddle and watch movies all day..can't resist kissing/flirting with me all the time..yeah I fall for the nice guys lol.

  • Personality- Patient, understanding, kind, deep, FUNNY, good sense of humor, intelligent, passionate about something


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