What is the highest reasonable price I should sell my Xbox 1 for plus 14 games with 2 official controllers?

It is very good condition, looks pretty much brand new and the games are not scratched or damaged, it all looks mostly brand new

What is the best price you think I could sell it for on ebay?

you can say the price in Dollars but I live in the UK so £ pound would be better. I am thinking £50 so far but I would like higher, what is a good but high price?
sorry I recounted, it was 16 not 14 games
help with this too, and do you think I should sell them seperately or together link
what websites would you say are the best or is ebay the best? do I need to pay any hidden charges and how much


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  • I would say you could get up to £150.

    • that would be awesome!, you think it is still appealing at that price though? also do you know anything about how selling on ebay works because this will be my first time on it

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    • thanks, I will create an account there. could you also help me with this question link

    • would I need to pay for the delivery charges for taking my products too?

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  • Yes you would have to pay the delivery but it comes out of the buyers pay that you recieve and it's only between £3-£5 per package and I'm sure you could fit them all into one package.


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