What are the top 5 ways to catch a guys eye?

list 5 ways to get a guys attention.


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  • well what I do to get a guy's attention is just the usual stuff like.

    1.dress nicely

    2.show them that you're a fun down'to earth type

    3.don't try to be dramatic.guys hate that

    4.try to be confident.guys look for that

    5.talk about interesting stuff like making jokes or just a fun conversation


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  • if he's a confident guy with his friends:- just walk to hem and tell hem that you wanna talk to hem in private then tell hem "whats ur name?." then say in cocky and funny way "anyway I noticed that you keep lookin at me, so what's up with that (his name)?" he will smile and the conversation will flow by itself. (TIP: lets say his name was "Dan" when you say his name say it "Danny" just play with the name so you can make an impression). I promise you he won't turn you down even if you were ugly as fuk, the key is by being confident.

    if he's not a confident guy: don't bother he ain't worth it.

    if you just wanna catch his eye you can: 1- dress hot, 2- stair at hem for a while, 3- raise ur voice while you talking, 4- while you walk crash into hem and say ur sorry and keep walking, 5- and last and best one is just go and talk to hem. but remember, be confident! guys will laugh at ur face if ur not.

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    • Well I'm so sorry 4 that but I speak three languages (Hebrew,Arabic and English) so excuse me for my spelling mistakes. the important thing is that you get the idea, I know that it's a very hard thing for guys like you to differ between (hem and him) but try!!

  • > give them MINIMAL attention

    > be approachable

    > look your best, but don't overdo makeup. dress cute.

    > be respectable. don't flirt with every guy you see. especially around him!

    > greet him when you see him


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  • 1.) make eye contact

    2.) surrond yourself with male friends.a guy offer sees you with other male guys he wonders why you have that attracts all of these guys.but don't make it seem like you are taken by one of them though

    3.) a smile.smile at him or even wink

    4.) look like you are having fun at whatever it is you are doing

    5.) Talk to him-intro yourself.men love it when a girl takes the first move and starts up the conversations. Makes them feel more at ease around you

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