Do you think my friend was jealous?

Was at a buddy's place and I was the only girl there. I didn't know his other friends/ guy friends would be there.

I was dressed up like we were on a date, pretty low top and short skirt which isn't how I usually dress except when I'm with him.

His friend started checking me out and I could tell he was just looking just one thing. Basically his friend came over to talk to me and at the end of the night he seemed quieter or distanced.

Do you think he's mad or jealous? I mean at the end of the night usually he'd give me a hug or something and this time he didn't.



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  • Definitely jealous... Maybe you should tell him that you didn't know any of his guy friends were going to be there... But tell him the only reason you dressed like that was because that will give him a hint that you lie hi, and that you want him to look at you..

    Another help you need.. I can help you out


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