What makes a girl seriously attractive, beyond looks?

I know that if a girl is good looking she is more likely to be approached, but sometimes there are these situations where a girl who is not that pretty seems to get all the guys, more than the prettier one. So what is it about her that would make the guys want her? I know that it isn't all about looks, I'm asking what that "thing" that makes her get guys is all about? I'd like a more specific answer than "confidence"...if that's your answer, explain it.

Sometimes the girl puts herself out and that's how she gets guys, by being really loud, flirty, and teasy. (Though I don't know if she will be taken seriously in that situation). Maybe that is part of confidence?

But sometimes there are those girls who aren't that pretty but seem to get all the guys' attention. What is it about them?


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  • this is usually for girls but I think it applies to guys as well. when there is a group of girls around one guy, a girl outside that group tends to think that the guy has something valuable, something that gets all those girls around him must be great. even if he's the only brother with 8 sisters and they all go out, it appears as though all those girls like him enough to hang out with only him. the same can go for women. if one girl has 5 guys around her and she's not even that great looking, they may just all be friends hanging out. with that many guys around one girl it would make me think she must have something special about her that that many guys like her.

    for the second part. assume your walking through a mall alone. guys have nothing but your looks to judge you off of, so the saying dress to impress and look your best comes very strongly into play. as much as other people won't admit, the very first thing we look at is looks. not until we start talking and having a conversation can we judge personality.

    third. if you want to have lots of guys around you you need to be outgoing, not necessarily flirty or slutty or loud. just be cool, don't think of the guy as a FWB or a potential boyfriend think of them as a friend and act that way with them. hell, you don't even have to be confident all you have to do is act like you don't care and not be shy. if your not shy then you'll get friends. talk to people you meet. talk to the guy in front of you buying groceries, the guy running next to you at the gym, who ever. be friendly, be cool, have fun, but above all don't be a snotty bitch, and also look good.


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  • If a girl is beautiful, what really makes her worth pursuing is if she's down-to-earth, approachable, grounded, and committed...

    We want to know that she really DOES want to be with us, and not always looking elsewhere or being a playful tease with everyone she meets.

    Nobody wants a player, at the end of the day.

  • This single most attractive thing about a girl is 100% her personality.

    I've worked with some of the most beautiful women on the planet and the majority of them have ZERO personality. Some you couldn't even understand because they didn't have any language skills.

    No brain, no game.

  • 1.) How they carry themselves, very confident

    2.) And of course an ability to make a guy laugh

  • Because if I see an absolutely gorgeous girl, I'm gonna assume I don't have a chance.

    • ye the funny thing is every guy thinks this way so she ends up only dating jerks who are way worse than you but have more confidence.

    • @NothingGoldCanStay

      that's a myth.

      most girls pretty or not end up with or date a few jerks


      self esteem issues much?

    • Perhaps. And perhaps that's all that prevents me from getting that girl. But frankly I can't escape the mentality that I am not good enough for a girl like that.

  • A) Dresssssss, don't under estimate the power of mini skirts, along with a bust enhancing top.

    B) Confidence, these girls are easier to talk to and will be more likely to play along when flirting. So my advice follow a guys initiative so if guys talk to you play along and be more open to talking and don't be afraid to tease, and flirt. Ye hard to teach some one this really, it is jsut about being cheeky.

    C) learn to subtly reject guys rather than directly, if you are not into them. Basically lie when you want to avoid any certain advances. I have a boyfriend, I am with my friends give me your number and I will call you some other time (then throw it away).


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  • Confidence, sex appeal, femininity, mystery, and being approachable

    • You see a lot more average girls with nice guys than you see extremely gorgeous girls. That is what I am saying. Gorgeous girls end up with the narcissistic usually, cause they like the fact that these guys don't give them attention like everyone else.

    • Not really.

      Most of my friends are extremely gorgeous and have good bfs.

      I'm extremely gorgeous and have played a ton of good guys & nice guys.

      It's a myth most extremely gorgeous girls are approached because most guys who don't have self-esteem issues think oh she's not approached because she's pretty so she'll jump all over me.

      How many extremely gorgeous girls you know?

      Because most girls pretty or not I've seen with jerks.

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