Why can't he hold eye contact?

I have a guy friend that I've known basically my whole life. and now we are starting to hang out more. and when he looks at me, he don't "really look at me." and when he does his eyes get big and he smiles and then usually looks down. when I really want him to look me in the eyes and never let me out of his sight. we can cuddle and watch t/v but he can't look me in the eyes for more than 6 seconds. I wish he knew that I liked him.


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  • He probably can't because he's nervous. I know when I'm with someone I like, I can't hold eye contact because I don't want him to see just how much I like him lol. It makes me nervous. But that might be why he can't do it

    And next time you're cuddling, rub your head against his chest/shoulder and snuggle closer, then look up at him and smile, look at his lips, then watch TV again. that should tell him you're into him clearly

    • Thanks. ill do that:)

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