Mormon Faith questions?

Okay it might seem like I'm showing prejudice but I just want to know if these things are facts or lies:

- They believe Jesus's second coming has already happened and it was in America

- The founder Joseph Smith when asked for proof didn't give it and rewrote some of the scripture

- They believe the native Americans(lamanites I think) are there bad people and used to fight against them

- Polygamy is allowed and expected
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What Girls Said 2

  • Yeah and they wear magical underwear too. And they have several tiers of heavens. And they think they will become Gods when they die and populate their own planet. They also think God was once a mortal man.

    I recently took a religious studies class and they still classify Mormonism in the Cult category.

    All religion is hard to swallow. I think its ironic that Christians condemn Muslims, even though they are both Abrahamic faiths based on the same historical text. They were once considered compatible religions and have a lot of similarities.

    • yup, Christianity and Islam come from the same father Abraham and share many similarities, the biggest one is that they both believe in the 1 true God.

  • don't ask mormon faith questions over the internet because you're gonna have to go through a lot of bs to find the truth. just ask a mormon if you have questions.


What Guys Said 6

  • Only in the US can a faith of Mormons and Scientology arise. You guys have to much freedom or have to many desperate people who are easily manipulated.

    I won't answer this anom, because this is my opinion go ahead morons hate me.

  • As a member in the mormon church since the 1080's we have not practiced Polygamy, for more information you might want to visit moron . org mate.

    • why the change?

    • The church just changed over time there's is a D&C article on it I will need to refer to the Gospel Library for the exact reference.

  • 1. No and yes. In the book of Mormon, Jesus came to the ancient Americas after he left the middle east. The second coming is yet to come
    2. the prophet Joseph Smith, was told by God not to show the golden plates to the people. God did command him to correct a few errors in the bible, according to church lore.
    3. They believe that native Americans are descendants of the Lamanites, the bad civilization who was the only one left at the end of the book of Mormon.
    4. This one is just wrong. Back in the 1800's, for about just a few years, the lds church did do polygamy at the request of God, due to the shortage of men, and the many women needing food and support. Polygamy was quickly ceased, and it has not been practiced in the the church for over 150 years.
    Hope this answers your questions

  • I think it's more like

    1) I think they believe that Jesus went to American after his time in Israel, to save the Native Americans or something. It's not the "second" coming or anything.

    2) When asked for proof, claimed he had golden plates that only he could translate.

    3) The native Americans are a lost tribe of israel and got their red skin from sin.

    4) Polygamy was allowed, but isn't anymore.

    • Huh. I guess people aren't interested in learning if it's true or not.

  • the one about Joseph Smith is true but the other two are false I know because I'm mormon

  • I'm hardly a Mormon, but I don't think any of those are believed by the mormons.


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