Can you get in trouble for this?

OK I'm quitting this job and I posted a fb status saying stuff against it and the annoying clientele. My fb is set to private, so is there a way some of the jobs I will apply for in future might see it? I mean I've been a good employee, but somebody told me I shouldn't post statuses like this.


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  • You should have a separate fb profile for your friends that doesn't use your real name, just for situations such as this.

    • I forgot to mention I don't use my real last name on fb

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    • the only connection there is is my email address which they don't know and pictures ? I can change it to my cats pic lol...I mean who's really going to search into this? does it normally happen? It's not like I am a criminal they're hunting for or something..

    • its OK people make mistakes, you deleted it and it was just one posting. It was in heat of the moment, just be careful about what you post. always, anyone can read it. I doubt they would do a search for this type of thing, but I have heard of employers looking at fb profiles of employees and illegal things can be tracked by the cops, but this is pretty innocent!

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  • that's dumb. never talk smack about your job. makes you look bad no matter who's looking. Who knows maybe it will get around and someone important will hear about what you said (future employers, your old employer) ..and don't always rely on the privacy of a private profile, there's ways around it.

    • Ur right I know I shouldn't of bashed it but it just got on my nerves that I wanted to let it all out.

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    • really?...and what happened for that?

    • underage drinking. I had to talk to the cops and got a warning, but it could have been worse. A teacher/principle must have found it.

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