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This weekend me and some friends are going out in the desert survivor style. No sleeping bags/tents or other luxury items. I'm bringing a field survival kit, water, protein bars, an AR-15 with 3 magazines, and a revolver with as many .410 shells as my tactical vest will carry (yes, my revolver shoots shotgun shells. Judge ftw). Anyways, If you were going out to spend the weekend in the desert what would you bring?
So now I'm curious but its too late to make this a poll. How many of you would coincider this fun? You don't have to say what you'd bring but answer if you'd do it or not.
So if anyone I wondering how it went... It was very fun and relaxing although none of us slept well. The only part that turned out bad was that a bunch of drunk rednecks were driving around spotlighting and shooting pretty frequently. I have no problem spotlighting, but drinking and shooting is a felony and drinking and shooting in our vicinity pissed all of us off. So we got close, yelled at them to cease fire and then turned on about 1,000 lumens of light on them.
They agreed to leave pretty quickly but that might have had something to do with us having an AR-15, AK-47 and 2 shotguns between 4 guys. As we found out the next day, they were just out to kill and not even take the game they shot and as such the coyotes were going crazy all around us all night. None of us slept since they were so loud and they never came within range either.
P.S. We would not have approached armed except a few rounds whizzed over us and we were pissed off.


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  • A tank, a cruise missle and a bottle of scotch.

    • I like your style. I drank a bottle of scotch last night though and alcohol dehydrates you so its probably not the best idea.

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    • I second the shrooms!

    • @update glad that worked out okay. lol

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  • That sounds really fun, hope you have a great time.

    I'd bring a friend or two who have experience surviving out there, lots of water, food high in protein and not very salty, basic toiletries, a map, compass, a fire starter or lighter, a light blanket or sleeping bag for the night, sunblock, a Swiss army knife, and a first-aid kit. Bringing a gun's a good idea, but I'd have to learn how to operate it first.

    • You know what, scratch the Swiss army knife, I'll just take a sharp hunting knife.

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    • Sweet, and yeah, get some new ones. Blisters are a pain.

    • I wish our NEX sold desert cami's but they dont, otherwise I'd just buy those boots since they would be perfect. I'll probably just buy some military surplus since they are super cheap.

  • OMG awesome. Don't you think it would be sick to paint your faces(like native Americans)? I don't know that's just me... maybe a bow and arrow for hunting? defiantly a bandanna or towel to put on your head and soak with water. First aid stuff, you never know.. something to start a fire for a bonfire, maybe a plant identification book for the area (bbq some wild cactus).. haha. gps or maps so you don't get lost. a water source of some kind.. you can pack dehydrated food, nuts, dried fruit. a hunting knife, to cut up food or cut branches/plants. warm clothes because the desert gets cold at night. that's all I can think of! I wish I could convince my friends to do something like that. lol

    • lol, I have a compound bow however I replaced the sights in Virginia and where I live now... There isn't a range so it is not sighted in. we have plenty of first aid stuff, a firestarter (and plenty of lighters). The plant identification book is a good idea though. Gps is good too, but we have been out there a few times so we won't get lost. Also we are bringing 15 gallons of water and I have a few protein bars but mostly we are gonna hunt for food. Also I have a space blanket.

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    • haha you remind me of my bro! he's in the marines. He likes to go off roading in the desert and camp and shoot things, ha ha hopefully one day I get to go with him. I'm really into survival type stuff. Have fun and watch out for hyenas;)

    • sounds like my kind of guy. hopefully he'll take you someday

  • a house


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  • Weapons wise? My Maverick 88.

  • Ideally.

    a camel. a long gown. a spear. a satchel of water. a machete.

    that would be fun!

    alas there are no deserts near me :-(


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