Really strange question about pepper?

Right this may sound very stupid but it is a honest question: can inhaling too much pepper dust make you ill? I haven't been putting it up my nose or anything the thing is I work in a restaurant and I sometimes I have to fill the salt and pepper pots up, when I've finished filling the pepper it makes me feel ill headache, nausea, itchy eyes and it makes it harder to breathe so I'm just wondering if it can be bad for you, Again I know its a strange question but I mean it honestly
also, it is fine ground black pepper
thanks guys for your answers, I thought the same just wanted to check lol.


Most Helpful Guy

  • It will irritate your nose, eyes and perhaps lungs simply because it's an air-born pepper entering your body. It shouldn't have any long-lasting medical ailments in small doses.

    • I couldn't even find an MSDS on ground pepper.

    • Exactly! lol. I was basically saying that anything that's not supposed to be in your eyes, nose or lungs will irritate you. Just not a problem in small amounts.

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  • I think that is can, but as long as you are not piratically snorting it, it should not this many problems, you might be sensitive.

  • Your body is made to inhale air, everything else is an irritant and bad for you to some degree.


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  • I imagine it can make you sneeze :) I'm not sure whether it makes you sick though ^_^


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