Beer before liquor or liquor before beer?

I've heard beer before liquor,never been sicker and liquor before beer,you're in the clear. Is this really true when it comes to drinking or can you just do either one? Which one do y'all recommend or what do y'all usually do?

Well I ended up going to the party and getting so drunk I blacked out for like half of the night but I also ended up throwing up. So here's how it went I played beer pong and lost so I probably had to drink 2 or maybe 3 beers like that. I also took about 4 shots of Jack and 2 of vodka. I also had a mix drink of Vodka,something else,and monster. Did I throw up cause I drank beer before liquor or did I just go over the top and drink too much in general?


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  • Liquor before beer ideally.

    However, its less the order, and more how you drink them. You usually slip liquor and mixed drinks, so if you are used to that, you are more likely to sip your beer. You chug beers usually, so if you are used to slamming beer, you are going to slam your mixed drinks.

    I say you stick to one kind of alcohol, or the same families of alcohol. If you drink vodka drinks, stick to vodka, gin, and such.

    If you drink beer, stick to ales, lagers, and hard ciders.

    • Also, if its a party situation like you mentioned, there is nothing wrong with just sipping beers all night, and spacing it out. You'll get a great buzz, and not get sick, and no hangover, while you watch everyone else drink themselves stupid, or to the point of puking. You don't have to do a ton of shots. if you must you can do one or two but you don't have to drink everyone under the table each time.

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    • sodas don't hydrate you, but my point is, to slow down your drinking. I'm gonna call your bullsh*t on there being nothing but beer and liquor. last time I checked, all houses are equipped with water faucets. Drink water in between- unless you are one of those people who enjoy a hangover.

    • Haha Alright,you caught me but if you've tried water faucet water here in Texas where I'm from it taste like water with algae or seaweed in it. There was a bottle of Dr. Pepper and Pepsi. I see what your saying though. I should drink soda to have like a "full" feeling and slow down on my drinking. I'll really have to try that next time because I'm tired of these sh*tty ass hangovers.

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  • OMG do NOT drink a bunch of beer and then drink liquor. I made that mistake once and NEVER again haha.

    It's not as big a deal if you just slowly drink one beer then slowly drink a bit of liquor, but if you are already drunk off beer then decide to have a martini or something, BAD BAD idea, haha.

    • Haha Okay,this is what I was looking for. More of a personal experience.

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    • Yeah I went on like a year long bender after a horrible break up, but I've been sober for like a year and half now haha.

    • Haha Well good for you.

  • Should be liquor before beer. It doesn't make a difference to me, cause I don't get sick either way.

  • beer before liquor

    • The riddle clearly says liquor before beer though...

    • maybe I'm weird, but beer before works for me...

    • Maybe not weird but different. You may just drink a lot of liquor while drinking beer or a lot of beer while drinking liquor.

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  • Liquor before beer, all in the clear. Works wonders. Plus I saw an episode of Manswers that explained it. Something about the liquor irritating the stomach enough that it slows down the absorption of the beer. Or something like that.

    • I had a feeling there would be a thing relating to an upset stomach.

    • This is so true. Actually, If you drink liquor first, then slowly have some beer, it helps sober you up a bit. Does for me anyways. But liquor after beer is HORRIBLE.

    • Haha I love manswers.

  • Idk basically anytime I mix my poisons I generally get really f***ed up. So, I refrain from doing that now.

    • So you just stick to beer or liquor for the whole night?

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    • I don't discriminate. Besides, wine is good when enjoyed with your woman.

    • Haha You're right about that.

  • Sounds like you got sick just from drinking too much in general.

    I usually follow the "liquor before beer" rule myself, with very good results.

    • Yeah,I think next time I won't drink as much or play beer pong because we got our asses kicked anyways and that's having to drink beer I don't like.

  • I like liquor first.

    • Me too,I just wanted to see what other people said.

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    • LOL It's a WI thing. From what I've heard we're known to have a high tolerance. I'm also bigger so I can drink more. This one kid I know is insane though. He supposedly went for 100 shots on his b-day and made it to 65.

    • Wow,that sounds really ridiculous. I would think somebody would die from alcohol poisoning by them but who knows. I've also heard that Wisconsin has like the most liquor stores of any state and also does drink the most.

  • neither helps me. I only drink hard liquor

    • ...So I'm guessing you don't drink beer?

    • na I have too drink waaaaay to many beers to get drunk. I start buzzing when I hit my 12ish beer. Then I'm too full. I just drink a 5th of bacardi and call it done. Gets me the perfect level of drunkness

    • Haha I agree and beers taste like a mixture of water and piss,I'm guessing that's what water and p*ss would taste like mixed.

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