Can the health of a relationship be determined based on the direction of your eyes?

My theory doesn't hold much weight, this is just an observation. I noticed a trend among couples who are "happy" and couples who are pretty much dead in the water. Sometimes we underestimate the way our bodies react and it gives away obvious cues as to how we really feel.

When couples are "happy", I noticed that their eyes are either parallel (meaning, they don't cross each others' line of vision) or directly facing each other. This is a sign of trust and cohesiveness.

Here's Sample #1, involving a "Happy" couple. Observe the direction of their eyes and notice they are both subconsciously fixated in the same direction.



Here's Sample #2, involving "Doomed" couples.

Notice that they are subconsciously staring in completely different directions, as if to be looking for "greener pastures" (meaning they are no longer fully invested in the relationship). Yes, both of these couples eventually split up.



When couples can no longer face each other, or have those "out of sync" moments where they cannot see eye to eye, that usually spells disaster. Ever see the couple where one person suddenly turns and stares the other? That could possibly be a sign of distrust.

What are your thoughts? Do you believe that the eyes reveal all? Is your current relationship "happy" or "doomed" based on this theory?


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  • Yep, I totally think this is a part of body language that is true. I find myself following it. If I'm with someone I really like, I pay attention to where they are looking whereas if I'm not really into them, I kind of try to avoid paying attention to whatever they are looking at.


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  • I'm so screwed if this is true.


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