Can any British people explain to me why girls dress like hoes here?

Newcastle specifically. What is up with all the one piece skirts that end just below the bum, and extremely high heels, long hair, ton of make up? They look dead gorgeous sure, but doesn't this send all the wrong signals, or are they actually sending the right ones?


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  • They dress how they wanna dress, they feel sexy like that, let them be =] Some of them are sending the "right" signals, some of them don't give a f*** what signals they're sending, some didn't even realize anything sent any signals at all. I wouldn't really say they dressed like "hoes", anyway. What are you, from Brooklyn or something?

    People who dress that way are primarily quite indulgent by nature. You know, a lot of fake tan, a lot of makeup, very revealing clothes, etc. That kind of thing is enchantment, and they do a lot of it. That's why they're associated with the whole lifestyle of heavy drinking and promiscuity. Its their indulgent nature. Of course it doesn't apply to all of them, but its a safe bet behind the thinking. They dress that way for their own benefit - they indulge as they dress. The only people who dress by code - ie, to give off signals - are people who very determinedly don't dress like that, because they're scared they'll seem like that.

    • You don't get my question, I have a girlfriend I could give two sh*ts about other girls I am more interested in the psychological point of view... what drives their motivation to dress so scantly compared to other cultures, your second paragraph was quite insightful with your theory of their indulgent nature, thanks for the input.

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  • they dress like hoes and look gorgeous? I really don't know what guys see in hoes link

    • Ej, your picture reminds me of a character who played a female prison warden for an all-women's prison in a musical I recently saw. Though she carried a whip, not a gun.

  • Yeah it's similar in many places of the uk :/

    Personally I think it's so they get a boyfriend but then if they're dressing like that then I can imagine their SO dressing in adidas/Nike

    But I'm British and the only dress I have reaches my Knees and skirts that go to my ankles, I tend to wear jeans though

    Also if you go past a lot of shops selling dresses then you'll see that all of them are incredibly short

  • Because it's their style. It's like asking why Emo's, Punk's, Goth's, Lolita's and Barbies etc dress the way they do. Why? Because they want to.

  • Geordie Shore may be able to explain everything (;


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  • why aye man! ;-)


  • Today's society makes people think they need to dress and act like that to be attractive/get noticed. pretty ridiculous but people tend to be sheep and follow what everyone else is doing.


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