Not miss-interpret this email, please help me!

A guy I like moved to another part of the country and I haven't seen/talked to him for several months. He's coming back in a few days to visit and before he left a wrote him a sweet letter (not confession style haha, more like an encouragement and an "I'll be thinking of you" kinda note).

a few days ago he emailed me and said:

Hey lovely!

How are you going? It must be good now school is finished!

So what are your plans for the summer? I take it you are going to help out at summer camp.. I will be there for the last day! I can't wait to see you all!

I wanted to thank you for being there for Maddy (his sister, one of my best friends), in the good and the bad! I k of she loves you and I know how special she is to you! So thank you

May I please get your brothers email address? I miss the giant fool!

Well I hope to hear from you soon

Love ___

.. From an objective point of view, and bearing in mind that this is just one email, does it sound like he likes me? that he considers me a friend? or that he just wanted my bro's email?

I would be so grateful for any answers!



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  • he sounsd like he could.


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