Why do people look down on those less fourtunate so much?

I was reading an interesting article, I'll post the link here for anyone who wants to read it: link

It's about what people don't usually realize about being poor. I couldn't help but find the article interesting, as I identify with a few of these. And it made me reflect on my own life. What is it that makes us look down on those less fourtunate?

I was reading the comments and still there are people out there who are just so unkind and unsympathetic or not understanding of those who are having a harder go at things in their lives.


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  • I think the reason is that people assume those who are poor aren't hard working...what they do not relize that things aren't that simple. Poor people are often stuck in a really bad circle, while rich kids spend money their parents left them and call themselfs hard working for nothing. So lifen goes on and things are complicated, yet people think so simplistic.

    • Exactly :) People don't realize that poverty or even just being less fortunate isn't as simple as not working hard. There is a such thing as the working poor, people who do work hard, but yet are only able to afford necessities.

    • Exactly, specially in 3th world countries. And for the previous answers id add that most of those people do not even ask for anyone's pity...Because one can still have material wealth and be empty in the head or heart.

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  • Less fortunate? You're speaking of them like we live in a caste system with little possibility of upward mobility. They're poor for a reason, usually of their own doing, so as far as looking down on them, why not? Personally I don't think about the poor on an average day, but that doesn't mean I think highly of them.

  • Most poor people are poor because they have made, and probably continue to make stupid decisions. I don't necessarily look down on them, but I have no pity for them.


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  • Lack of caring.

    Lack of compassion.

    Lack of knowledge. They think you wouldn't be poor if you had a job is not that simple.

    Like to feel superior.

    For me it's lack of caring & compassion but I don't necessarily look down on the poor.

  • I don't look down on them.. I care even more for them.

    In fact between my boyfriend and I, he classes me as the 'upper class'

    and himself as the 'lower class' which really sucks... he's aware of the

    'hierarchy' but it doesn't affect our relationship; its my parents.

    His parents wouldn't mind about me lol its MY parents...

    always saying that he wouldn't able to feed me or take good care of me

    because of what he is (a marine) and how he's a lower class... *sigh*...

    I don't know why my parents look down on them, not only my parents..

    my brother as well. I love my boyfriend so much and I don't care how

    poor he is :/

    I just wish that one day people would accept the 'lower' class about more

    and give them more love and care... they are just like everyone else but

    less fortunate.. so why can't we help them out and make their lives a bit easier..

    if not then at least let him be with me :( that's all he ask for.. that's what all WE ask for! >_<


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