My boyfriend is late for work just because he is doing his hair, who's he trying to impress?

He was late for work just because he was doing his hair,he told me it's taking a bit longer to do..I was like uh OK...I thought,he is a guy and he'd rather be late for work with his hair all done,than it looming just alright...Am I just being silly?Not only that he told me he went to a friend from works party,but he didn't tell me her name..I guess that doesn't really matter does it?not like I need to know her name ..


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  • Yeah he's trying to impress somebody and either somebody told him that hair style looks good on him and she's hitting on him or could be a guy lol

    • I guess I can't be certain though,I mean he does get pissed off when his hair doesn't look right lol...I don't know :/

  • I'm pretty sure Cosmo would say he's cheating.

    • Well this isn't cosmo..just wanted to know what people think and if other guys do this as well

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