What would be the best way to pull off silver sparkle eyeliner for blue eyes?

Pretty much just that... Going to two parties tomorrow, both family and then all afternoon and night I'm hanging out with my friends prior to the fireworks show. I would like come cute make up ideas, anyone? :D


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  • OK YAY Makeup question! lol.

    Ok,what you should do is do a almost navy blue eye shawdow...with the sparkly silver and maybe a snow white...for a smokey eye.

    Or you can use only the silver eyeliner...and line the top of your eyelid...and add to the crease...your eyes will pop. But don't wing the silver liner. If you added naturalish fake lashes they can look cute too.

    You could also use a black eyeliner...like the thin liquid one and do a cat eye...and put the silver on the tear ducts..lol..

    here are some examples.

    1. link

    2. link

    3. link Megan fox probably used lashers and mascara to the eye...but there isn't silver on her tear ducts to make it pop. but just do that and add it.


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  • Alright so silver glitter needs to go witha bold eye.

    1. Winged or regular silver eyeliner.

    2. Pencil line bottom with black and leave a little space at the end.

    3. Smudge step #2 with a smudging brush.

    4. Use neutrals from the Urban Decay NAKED palette for your crease, base, and lid.

  • Defintely use it under your eyes, on your lower lash line. It'll make your eyes pop!

    Like Nicki in the creep video:



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