Whats more important, his hair or his body?

lately I got my hair done, its a bit crazy but I also work out a lot, which one would you girls prefer?

ill throw something else in, in case you like other stuffs

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  • Body well toned
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  • Personality
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after you checked out the personality, what next?


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  • Honestly, the personality for me is number one, although I will say I do like my man to look good ;-). Which is why my husband is perfect for me! He's the guy who can make everyone laugh (y'all watch, one day he'll be a famous comedian!) and he so incredibly handsome! I got the full packaged deal! :D

    • LUCKY!!! and you're only 21! though I guess I can wait for my "perfect" guy.

    • Oh sweetie your man will come!! Just be patient and until he does, have fun with life! Then when he does get here, you can enjoy life together because you'll already be in that process :)

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  • main elements are hair dress sense and body but the key thing is confidence and personality but its not that hard to do all of them

    i mean at least you don't have to deal with eyeliner mascara cover up and all the stuff we [girls] do

    but like some people have said a guy can be a total ass and be hot so the personality is really important as well as other things =]

    • Make up is ugly so don't bother

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    • Childish

    • Well obviously it means childish but what do you mean?

      like who?

  • when it comes to looks, for the most part hair. I like it kinda long and straight. Though an extreme body [which to me is either really buff or fat] is a turn off. I'm pretty sure that most other girls don't like overly buff or fat bodies either.

  • Body. but if the guy is too into himself. its a red flag. Personally I rather have a guy who is nice and charming than an overly obsessive abercrombie model.

    thats just ME.

    but body is a must.


    even for girls its important to have a good body, no ?

  • personality is number one, but out of hair or body I would say body becuase your hair isn't really gunna do much but your body definitely is ; )

  • i like the hair, but body and face is the second choice I guess,

  • body fo sure :P

  • F. All of the above.

  • a guy can have the greatest body, cute face, hot hair, and great outfit, but then he can be a complete dumbass, so I chose D. personality.


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