How to feel better about how I look?

Sorry if this is in the wrong category..

My boyfriend tells me all the time how beautiful I am and how perfect I am to him, but I don't feel pretty. I'm 5'5, weigh about 127, brown hair (shoulder length), and I have hazel eyes.

I'm really self conscious about my nose too, whenever I see pictures of me from the side I just look horrible and I always get jealous over seeing pretty girls. I know I'm not ugly, but how can I make myself not only look prettier, but feel sexier and everything too?
I'm 17 if my age has to do with any of this


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  • well, you sound pretty by the description you gave. I think most people see themselves as ugly or retarded looking in pictures, I know I do, when I have to tell myself that I'm just being super critical of myself and others just see me as a person. Everyone has imperfections, but you have a good height and weight and brown hair and hazel eyes are nice. What I don't like is girls that put on tons of makeup and stuff to try to make themselves look beautiful when all I want is to see a girls beautiful face the way it really is. I haven't seen a whole lot of ugly girls but most of them are really fat, which you are NOT. If your boyfriend is telling you that you are beautiful then he probably means it, if you were ugly, he wouldn't be wasting his time with you in the first place. Maybe get some nice clothes is all I can recommend, something cute..

    • I agree. Get some cute clothes. I know I always feel better about myself when wearing something cute.

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    • Ok, it's official ^^ this girl is being too critical of herself, her boyfriend is telling the truth

    • Lol, thank you. But I still don't know how I can feel better about myself, either then getting cute clothes

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  • What's up with your nose? Believe it or not, I find a distinctive nose, be it a large one or a little pug one, attractive.

    Do other boys flirt with you?

    • I just think my nose is too big. My dads side of the family all have big noses and I absolutely hate the way mine looks, it's too pointy and too big for my liking. And no, not exactly, I've had other guys like me in the past before my boyfriend and I were dating, but nothing big

  • Get over it, that's what I do.


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