Is this girl flirting with me and why?

I notice that she keeps looking at me frequently in class we have been in different rooms so she isn't looking at the time or anything.

Sometimes she sits or comes close to where I am.

We both looked at each other at the same time for about 2-3seconds and she smiled

Does she just find me attractive, is that it?

Btw I'm 18 she is 17


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  • Yes she finds you attractive. And you said "does she JUST find me attractive" like that's a bad thing. If she doesn't know you, the only reason she would flirt with you is because she finds you attractive. So, that's not a bad thing, she may like you after getting to know you too. For now it is an attraction, which is completely normal :)

  • Yes, she does. Try introducing yourself, or saying hi or something. If I were her, that would be amazing if the guy I liked introduced himself. Go for it :)


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