How to act sexy without going overboard?

I just want to learn how to act sexy. Without dressing, make-up and the voice. Just body language and hair and stuff.
And lip gloss is okay. But not any of that clothes stuff.


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  • Walk with your hips, when you talk pull yourself in... dnt wear a entire cheap outfit... grin play with hair, wear a low cut shirt, good quality perfum... mascarra and sephora lip gloss goes along way with healthy skin. earrings are a must... list goes on and one hair always kept up and smile with a good persoanlity and confidence

    • But what I mean is at school, and my school has a uniform? Then what? I can wear earrings and lip gloss. That's about all we get to personalize ourself, minus our hair.

    • What I mean is do something different with your hair... maybe briad your hair and put leave in condit in it. Then unravil it and and wear it like that... or loose curls... or one braid with bangs. Also walk with your hips.. wear purfume... and be yourself and confident. That is what you can do to be sexy don't be afraid around a guy and don't try too hard. if your a bitch then own it... that's u... if your a laid back chick then grin more and tilt your head to the side.

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