What if thongs get uncomfortable?

1. What you girls do when you start feel uncomfortable in thongs during the day? I mean due to wedgie or friction.

2. Do you have briefs with you to change them?

3.How many hours a day wear them?

4. Would you wear them for a trip to nature or as a home underwear or even for sleeping. Or where you wouldn't wear them.

I think that thong canĀ“t be as a normal underwear to wear for any activity. They are something special.


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  • They don't get uncomfortable. You put them on for the first time, you're like geesh this is kinda uncomfortable, and then you just get used to it. Thongs are nice because they don't give you disgusting underwear lines.


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  • 1. They don't feel uncomfortable (to me anyways), and I don't carry around an extra pair to change into..

    2. No.

    3. Change up into a new one everyday..I don't sleep with them on.

    4. I'd wear a thong anywhere..Its not like you see them anyways, unless a girl wants you too. - I love them, they're pretty comfortable for me. I don't wear them everywhere but do own more thongs then bootyshorts or anything else.

  • they never get uncomfy for me. They are the only undies I own or wear so I have no other real option.

  • Lol well I guess everyone has different preferences but I only own thongs

  • I wear 5 different pairs of undies throughout the day

  • they're not uncomfortable. after a while you don't even feel it anymore


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