Attractiveness and personality. Is there a link?

I have a sort of pseudo-scientific theory about looks and personality, which is most probably complete bull, but here goes.

I've noticed that girls who are attractive and know they're attractive are often boring. Girls who are attractive and don't know they're attractive are often less boring/kinda interesting. Unattractive girls are often interesting and funny.

And the reason? Because attractive girls who know they're attractive don't NEED to develop a personality to get on in life. They get boyfriends easily, get jobs easier than others, and a load of other benefits. Whereas unattractive girls need to be funny, likeable, interesting etc.

I told a friend this once and she told me that maybe I just focused on the attractive girls looks too much so I didn't notice their personality. But I've lived with, been friends with, and had relationships with boring attractive women and I really got to know them, to the point where I didn't notice their looks any more, and I still found them to be, like...empty vessels. At least compared to my unattractive female friends.

Oh yeah, and obviously there are exceptions to the rule.
I think calling the attractive girls 'empty vessels' was going to far. I just meant they seem less full of ideas and are less funny and stuff like that.


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  • I agree that there's a coloration, but it's not a 100% thing. I think that there's a higher percentage of attractive people who are arrogant, bitchy, boring, etc. than unattractive people. And there's also a higher percentage of unattractive people who are kind, funny, interesting, etc. than attractive people. Mostly because of the reason you stated.

    Attractive people are used to getting attention easily simply from their looks, no extra effort needed. So because of that not many of them choose to develop an awesome personality to go with their looks. Then there are the unattractive people who obviously don't attract much attention just from their looks. As such, they have to develop more enticing personality traits to catch people's attention.

    Basically good looking people are spoiled with attention, where as unattractive people have to work for initial attention. And this applies to both genders, not just females.


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  • link <--------Exception to the rule.

  • thats cause you haven't met me I'm the whole package or so I've been told =P


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  • Your idea is ridiculous, as it relies on the assumption that all pretty girls float through life getting spoon-fed by agape, drool-ridden men who fawn all over them. I do think people considered better looking have advantages and that this is mind-numbingly self-evident, but life can be tough. You can't just assume every pretty girl has the exact same set of circumstances surrounding their lives, which is an idea inherently apart of your theory.

    Used way too many hyphens.

    • Well I said there were exceptions to the rule. But in general I know many girls who do float through life just as you describe and I think this experience could have had an impact on the shaping of their character.

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    • "there must always be an exception to every rule"

      No. How about this - 'Every generalization must contain exceptions'. This rule does not have exceptions. It is not a generalization so is not required to have exceptions. So now we are left with 'some rules have exceptions and some don't', which is not self-defeating, so the false axiom argument is not applicable.

    • And believe me, I'd love to talk about whether someones treatment in life can affect their character. But you have something against my 'exception argument'. Otherwise known as a generalization. You know, when people use words like 'most' or 'usually' when they don't have access to, or could never produce, hard data.

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