How do I get rid of a hickey?

It's been there for about 7 hours now lol and is huge and purpley and I don't mind, it's just I got work and don't know what my boss will do because it's unprofessional (if you can call mcdonalds a profession lol) so please. I have tried toothpaste trick and battery trick but still there

its OK it just went down on its own enough before work so I was safe

thanks for trying I guess


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  • Honestly, it's a hickie is a bruise and it will go away with time and quicker if you're a fast healer. Myself, I take digestive enzymes (which speeds up the metabolic healing process) which will get rid of the blood that basically is there, because that's basically what it is (a bruise, broken capillaries) and apply ice to the area. I still remember my first hickey ; ) and I know guys don't wear make up but you can use concealer and dot it on to cover it up (something that matches your skin colour) and it won't be as noticeable.


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  • It is advised to apply the ice right away on the hickey to minimize the mark. If you gently rub and massage the area it would help disperse the blood. If you have some massage instrument it would be more effective than only hands and fingers. Take lipstick caps, pen caps, and blistex caps to apply steady pressure over the hickey and twist, in order to stimulate the blood move deeper into the skin. It is painful, but works. Rub vitamin K into the area, as it inhibits coagulation and prevents accumulation of blood. Apply a warm, moist, used tea-bag as a hot compress and repeat this couple of times until the hickey disappears.

    • Bit late now but thanks anyway

      I got aways with it luckily

    • Its for next time

    • We discussed it and no more hickeys unless we know that we will have time for them to go down before we have to go work or anything so its ok now. but if we just happen to do it by accident then oh well

      my girlfriend is going away for christmas :( gonna give her one before she goes and get one off her too :)

  • if it happens again put some ice on it, that's what I do! it helkps a bit, but it depends what it looks like if its big dark reddish then it could take about 1 week and a half!

  • makeup.use makeup darling

    • Noooo, I'm a guy!! I don't have makeup and I ain't wearing any and my girlfriend doesn't wear any cos she doesn't need it!! any tricks like special substitute for soap on that area or anything?

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