Why do some girls freak out with Yuri?

I just don't know why a lot of girls get grossed out when they hear something related to yuri, I Find yuri hot, realistic and beautiful, which is why many fanboys are obssesed with it, and also yuri isn't as gross as yaoi, I mean c'mon, when you see 2 Guys wearing skirts, ;/, yuri is much more realistic, and I wonder why some girls are hating on it, just becos its more popular and gets better ratings and hotter than yaoi doesn't mean you shud hate on it, start accepting the facts little girls.


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  • First of all, nearly everyone has no idea what Yuri or Yaoi mean (outside of Japan).

    But to answer your question, why do girls freak out with yuri? Well... because they don't like japanese lesbian p*rn. However, considering most don't even know what it is I'm curious as to how much girls actually freak out about it.

    • Well just as guys tend to ignore Yaoi fangirls and get grossed out about them, same goes for these girls, but what I don't understand is, even know yaoi is way worse and crappier than yuri, some girls still tend to get feaked out, I don't know why, I mean it's normal for people (Anime people) To like yuri, pretty normal and stuff, unlike yaoi, 2 Girly looking guys hugging and kissing wearing skirts just doesn't make sense, unrealistic, and its getting boring now (Tbh it was boring originaly), so yea.

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    • Further proof you're really a 14 year old guy posing as a female on this site. :)

    • lecturing is really a pain, but ok

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