Why am I having severe headaches?

This whole past week I've been waking up every day to a severe headache. Probably like a 9 or 10 in a 1-10 pain scale and also when I take pain medicine or try to sleep it off it doesn't go completely away. I still have like a tiny ache in my head probably in a 2-3 scale. Does anybody have a clue of what this might be or why I might be having this pain? Does anybody know any type of home remedies or something to take the pain away? Any help or ideas would be appreciated.
Yesterday night I took to benadryl allergy pill and I didn't wake up this morning with a headache at all. Is it possible that I was having such severe head aches because of allergies or do you think it was probably just a coincidence?


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  • Sometimes when I'm stressed, I toss in my sleep, and the way the pillow bunches up under my neck will cause pressure headaches. Where is the pain centered? Temples, behind the eyes, the back of the head? And is it a dull ache or does it feel more like pressure? Finding what kind of headache will make it easier to find a cure.

    • It starts at the front and goes all the way to the right side of my head and face. It's also a dull ache I guess you can say but it feels like a sharp pain. I was reading some of the links towlie down there posted and it seems like I may have cluster headaches or it just might be pressure headaches I didn't read too much about those.

    • i get cluster headaches from time to time and they are seriously painful. I wouldn't wish them on my worst enemy.

    • Yeah,well based on that link I think that's what I may have and yes,they are terrible.

  • are you getting enough fresh air?

  • ive been having them too not as severe as yours, but theyre there and this happens to me every summer, its just so hot outside and sunny, I try to avoid the sun but its hard I have to go to work and school and I gym and yea the heat can be harsh on your brain

    i try to stay hydrated drink lots of water

    i put lemon in my water it really helps

    also I try to avoid caffiene when I take caffiene like coffee it sucks up the moisture in your body and makes headaches happen more frequently I had coffee today and walked to the gym and now I have a headache...sucks!

    i also wear hats to keep my head protected from the sun

    too much sun exposure can cause sun strokes and migraines which make you wanna throw up and faint theyre horrible and all you can do is sleep them off

    • Yeah,well I usually have them but I usually get them during like fall during October and November. This is the first time I've had them like this time of year and what's really bad right now is that there's nothing but cokes and tea in the fridge which both have caffeine. I don't know if that may be it but I think it may have something to do with it. I'll try to go to the store tomorrow and buy some water but thanks for the input and I hope you feel better soon cause this isn't pleasant.

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  • Well most headaches are caused by dehydration, so make sure you drink plenty of water. Other than that the best advice is to see a doctor, as headaches can be caused by many, many things.

    • I'll try to drink water and stuff before I lay down to go to sleep and see if that helps.

  • You drink lots of water to drown a cold and a headache, as Firefly267 has already stated.

    You may have a blood disorder affecting blood flow to the brain and the brain cells are starved for oxygen or nutrients, such as iron.

    Now, it's best to explain the whole set of issues to your doc. Don't just treat the symptoms! Find the root cause or you could be suffering for years from the same ailment and just have short-term fixes to a larger problem.

    • Everyone is saying that it's cause I may be dehydrated so I think that may be it but there's only Coke's and Tea in the fridge which both have caffeine. So I'm definitely going to go to the store tomorrow and buy a bunch of water. Thanks for the information.

  • I also used to have major headaches, maybe not so severe as that of your, but when I went to the Neurologist, he did some tests first and took a look in my head. He later pointed out that I was taking to many asprins for my headache, that by taking more of them made it worse and not better. So I stopped taking them and lived with the headaches for 2 days longer, which started to dissipate after the 3rd day.

    • Well I haven't really taken any aspirin or anything I just try to fall asleep and sometimes when I can fall asleep it goes down to a bearable level but it still hurts throughout the day. I'll just have to try to drink some water like the people here said and hope it works.

  • 9 or 10 should be reserved for wounds that cut to the bone and such. I agree that you should make sure you're hydrated and go from there.


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