He said he didn't love me, now he's acting like this?

About 2 weeks ago, my ex-boyfriend essentially apologized to me and since then he's IMed me 3 or 4 times and even gave me a ride home even though he was already at this house.

He always stares at me, turns around to look at me or is always paying attention to me. He was bored and tired one night and stayed out anyways knowing I was there.

Before this, he'd contacted my sister within the last 2 months of me being home, has consciously told me things that aren't very important and had passed my house on occasion or would drive by me a few times if I was parked somewhere (Not in a stalkery way).

He playfully kicked me or pulled on my shoe and stuff. We were swimming and he kept looking at me and even sat next to me several times or would just be in my general vicinity and he would always look at me or face me at some point. He let me play with his phone and even told me that he doesn't text anyone (which I figure, if there were girls on it, he'd not have wanted me to see.)

My feet were hanging off into the back seat (I was sitting backwards) and they were touching his leg and he didn't move and he kept going back even though he knew my feet were going to be there. The last time we were in the car, we were touching legs/he was pretty much leaning on me and he didn't move. He even told me that he was going to text me the other night and seemed upset because he found out his number was blocked. I had to give him a ride home, he knew it'd just be the two of us. He kept saying, "It's just funny"


What does this mean?


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  • Are you talking to him? Perhaps he feels like he's always doing the work and your just enjoying it all but confused in the end... Try looking at it from his point of view then someone elses perspective.

    • i mean, I try to talk to him, too but obviously not too much because I don't want to make it obvious that I still care, I'm afraid to look stupid

    • The worlds biggest mistake is being to afraid to make one. If you still do care and still kinda want him... then talk to him... honestly wheres the harm in that? tell him how you feel! communication is the most important thing in a relationship.. share your feelings :p we all need someone to talk to, its human nature. So what you waiting for?

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