What or who should have I said it to? I did not want to lead them both on?

I was at work yesterday. I saw two girls. One is a blond and one is a redhead. I am naturally attracted to redheads but I have no problem with blondes. However I thought that the blond girls shoes were pretty cool and the redheads shirt was cool. They were both too young for me anyway so I wound up not saying anything to them just sort of looking when they could not tell I was.

What I am wondering is who should I have complimented and how/what should I have said. I heard it is gay to actually compliment a girls shoes however I also heard that if you compliment a girls shirt she might think you are staring at her breast. Is there any common ground...especially because I did not want to lead the "wrong" girl on (the blonde)


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  • Why not compliment them both? From a political standpoint...make them both happy...as far as the shirt goes...can look at her sleeves...


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  • Go up to the blond and be like nice shoes wanna f***? then go to the redhead and be like your eyes remind me of the moon and the stars, your bosom is like hills in the country side. She will look at your strong tree trunk size arms and instantly fall to her knees and grab on to your leg. Then tell the blond to join in, but not before she brings you some beers.

    • Yeah..in any of our wildest dreams...pleasant thought tho!

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