I'm a fat guy looking for a girl to call my own

I'm 17 and all I'm looking for is a girl that will love me for who I am and every girl I find messed up my life in a week and I want something more than that so can somebody give me advise on finding the right girl


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  • I hear you, I think all guys in this world want a girl they can call their own. Someone to hold and experience good and bad moments with, Even do the romantic cheesy things like watching the sunset together or just going to the movies,Everyone wants to experience that and much much more. My best advice for you is to keep your eyes open and stay optimistic, I know that sounds easier said then done, but you have to apply your mind to it and sooner or later it gets easier. Look everywhere you can and also when you do socialize with women, be yourself, and try to apply the image that you would make a good boyfriend without seeming desperate. For example, if someone asks you what would you like in a girl, say I the adjectives or things you want in a girl, such as , I want her to be sweet,thoughtful, kind,caring,etc. Try to be as unique from other guys as much as possible, be thoughtful, funny, etc. You will find the right girl man, keep your chin up! Good luck!


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  • Girls don't generally like big guys sorry honey, I'm sure your lovely, but girls are visual creatures :)

    • im not a fatass I'm just bigger

    • Well yes and no, some of the girls I was attracted to liked me when I was fast, =(. Apparently abs turns them off, either way you can never to be sure.

    • Oh you should be fine then I thought you meant like really big, girls like the skinny guys but I have met many girls that like bigger more. Good luck :)

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