I like her, advice?

I liked this girl more then any other girl, even the first time I seen her, I tell her I like her, I tell her she's beautiful, she just says thanks. She doesn't care. I'm not good looking, I don't have ripped muscles, but I'll love you more then any other guy.


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  • The problem is that you seemed far too easy at a point where her brain hadn't made the connection that she liked you too. As a beautiful girl, she has probably had her fair share of men telling her she's beautiful and hitting on her. You were too impressed by her beauty and she could tell you wanted it too much. With girls there is a kinda double standard, if we find the guy physically attractive right off the bat, his "approval" based on looks is a compliment and makes us like them more but with guys who we don't find physically attractive right off the bat, its almost creepy and makes you less attractive. The key is to impress her with your personality, hide your feelings for her for a little bIt and show how attractive, confident and funny your personality is. After this point, make sure she's hooked to you - looks gorward to your messages and texts and withdraw. At this stage in the game if you've done it right she will want you.

    What is also very important is to make sure you reach her threshold of attractiveness, once you clear that basic level your fine. Make sure your haircut is attractive, work out at the gym to avoid being super skinny or chubby and yeah :) also avoid giving a ton of compliments, keep her guessing, play it cool.

    I had two unattractive guys in my life. One who I could not get off my mind and one whose texts I used to dread because I'd get em all the damn time. One played it cool, was te life of the party and slow to make a move and left me guessing. One was too much, too soon, too many compliments. Who got my attention?

    • Meh, I should just kill myself or something.

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  • go to the gym and when you'll get sexy abs and muscles, eventually girls will approach you. Don't worry, you're still young, you have plenty of time

    • I do go to the gym.

    • Mmm, OK so you continue going to the gym, enhance your appearance with nice clothings? And if you go out more, you'll increase your chances to meet people.

    • I honestly don't care anymore. I'm just waiting untill they make sex bots so I will forget about women.

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  • Bro I'm good looking slender/athletic, girls say I look good all the time, but I haven't been in a relationship for awhile, partly because I turned a lot of people down and partly because I'm not outgoing all the time.There's plenty of people that don't even look as good as me but there getting married and IM 20 by the way. You gotta have that confidence, and not care of the results jus use playful, witty humor and don't jus tell a girl you like her, unless you guys go and hangout and have a good time. Don't tell her you would love her more than any other guy. the girl might your desperate. When you talk to a girl don't think of how you can get her to like u, focus on how you can make yourself more attractive to that person. Most of the time if you start off light flirting and act like you don't care if she likes it or not, you are jus being yourself and your not trying to get a reaction from her, then shell be more attracted to you.


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