Which style would fit me? How to change?

I'm nearly 17. And I don't know which style I should wear. I really like guys which wear the skater style so I prefer sporty.

And at the moment I'm wearing a mixture between hip hop and skater.

So I wanted to try out lovely or sexy, ya know. But I have no ideas if it would fit me or not. I would be really thankful for some advices and so on.

-My hair is brown nearly shoulder length

-I'm 5,6 tall

-normal weight (57kg)

-Rollerskating and Baseball as favorite sports

hope this helps a bit


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  • Personally I only date girls that look like they came straight out of a Ralph Laurine ad. But that could just be due to the town I was raised in. Nothing beats classy, it can only be looked up upon


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  • wear what you like to wear, don't worry about fitting a particular style or label. I guarantee guys (who are worth it, at least) will appreciate a girl with her own style more than one who worries about fitting into an established style.

  • Mix and match. Skater style on girls are cute, esp. if you add some girlie pieces. You don't have to be a girly-girl if that's not what you are (I went through a Goth phase in the beginning of my high school freshman year, love the style but it's not for me. I like looking at people that are Goth, though).

    Maybe you can check out Teen Vogue, Seventeen magazine or fashion lookbooks for some inspiration.

    The most important thing is: wear clothes you like.


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