Lush - are the products really worth the price?

I've seen these cool bath bombs, some really interesting facial masks and scrubs. A shampoo that looks like a bar soap. I'd really like to order some of it, but just not sure about the quality and the prices aren't that low...

How long do those products last - if you use them every day?


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  • No...I like the natural scent of a woman. Maybe some perfume that lasts for days. Very light and natural. Mmmmm


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  • hi first of all I'm going to warm you I am a lush fanatic! do you live in the usa or europe?

    Personally I adore their products and I know there not cheap but you can be economial about them like I use one bubble bar for two three and sometimes four baths.. I cut them when I get them into 4 if there big ones like the comforter and less if there smaller... then to get the most out of them instead of crumbling them in the bath I cut the foot part off a pair of tights crumble it in there and then tie it to the water fosset on my tap... so it produces huge amounts of bubbles...

    the shampoo bars are fantastic particularly if you have short hair I can get up to 6 months out of one... like seriously how many bottles of shampoo would you go through in the time? and how much would you spend on each bottle...

    i store all my lush procduct in like zip lock bags in my top drawer in our bedroom and my gosh is there always a beautiful smell in our bedroom...

    if I was you id give them a go... what in particular were you thinking of trying?

    • I'd really want to try the bath bombs, some soaps (rockstar I believe), coconut body power, face tea tree toner and face wash and maybe a lip balm in that little can... =)

      Thanks for your help :)

    • ive heard that some Americans find they get better value on the british website so they order there and have it delivered and by the way if you want others peoples reviews of the product go to youtube and type in lush review and you'll probably find someone whos used and reviewed it...

  • I use some Lush products :) I think they are worth the money, though they certainly are pretty expensive :D

  • I've used their stuff for fun and relaxation (like the bath bombs). I have never bought anything from them for daily use. I consider then a fun brand rather then one I would use as my staple product.

  • Lush has nice products, but I've never bought it myself (only received as gifts) because of the price. I use St. Ive's or Dove normally because they're cheap and of decent quality.


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