Tips on tanning lotion?

so I just purchased this lotion that is supposed to make you tan in like three days. does this stuff work? my friend told me not to put it in my face, but then won't I look weird? I need tips from people who have done it lol thanks


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  • Lol being tan isn't necessarily good. Most of the time in my opinion women look better not tanned.

    • well I have a tie dye tan at the moment, meaning parts of my stomach and back are tan while others are not, so I want to get it all even hahah

    • Haha okay just make it even though. Don't get any more tanned. Unless you're mostly not-tanned in which case don't even try to even it since you're better off mostly not-tanned. If you're almost completely tanned except for a few not-tanned spots, then only tan those not-tanned spots a bit to even it up.

What Girls Said 1

  • get a tanning lotion made for the face. then go sit out in the sun


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