Ingrown hairs..swollen hair folicles..scars. Ick.

Every so often I get these little swollen hair follicles along my bikini line on the inside of my inner thigh. They feel like a pimple that never reaches the surface. Eventually they go away but I scar really easily so I'm left with these little bruises. I don't think I get them from shaving so much as it's just irritation from my jeans pulling on the hairs or causing friction in that area. Anyone else have this problem? Or know how I can prevent it/fade the scars?


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  • you try applying antiseptic to prevent infection. vit e cream is good for fading scars and any natural health food store products, there's one by derma e company that says 'scar cream',you could try that.

    • Yeah I definitely need some vitamin e cream... Thanks!

  • the most likely reason is razor burn or ingrown hairs (unless you don't shave or wax your bikini line at all). the best way to deal with ingrown hairs it to gently exfoliate the area either with a loofa or a very mild exfoliating body wash, after a few days they should break the surface. if you do shave, try desolving 2 aspirin in a glass of water (make sure they are full desolved) and apply to the shaved area with a cotton ball (don't use anything with a rough surface or it could cause more irritation). if you really believe that it's your jeans (highly unlikely) you may need to start buying a larger size. and try to always wear cotton briefs at least for a few days after shaving, it will help reduce irritstion caused by friction.

    • Hm yeah I don't think it's my jeans since I'm mostly wearing dress pants. But I will definitely try exfoliating and the aspirin. Thanks!

    • You're welcome, and that also works for legs and under-arms if you ever have problems there, too.

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