How much should this tattoo cost?

I'm looking to get the words "When you made my people smile, you made me smile" (its the last line to a meaningful poem.) In normal print- maybe the kind of print that looks handwritten, in about size 16 font written on my ribcage just below my breast bone.

Does anyone know relatively what price range this should be in?
size 16 mont is really small, just thought Id point that out


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  • That'll be a couple hundred if you want it done well.

    Also the rib cage hurts like a mother f***er, thought I'd warn you.

    • Really? I have a music note themed tattoo that was one well and it was under $100.

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    • Congrats on the mod gig! Don't know if you just got that or not. I don't remember seeing the mod symbol by your name before.

    • Hah! Thanks! And yeah, it just happened.

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  • Is that 'A Clowns Prayer?' And it shouldn't cost you much. Only $100 - $200 dollars.

  • Oh gosh, I know I've read that poem, but it escapes me right now.

    If you got the tattoo anywhere I've lived, it would probably run you $300-$500 depending on the size.

  • i love and adore this poem, it will make an amazing tattoo! I think it will cost you about 150, 200$ I would love to see it once its done :)

  • It depends on the artists experience and the time it takes to complete. I wouldn't expect that to take over 2 hours. You are probably looking at $100-$200. It does vary though. There is always a minimum they charge for supplies but a beginner artist will have a lower hourly rate then an expert. Actually maybe closer to 200. I got about double that amount of writing done for about 160 (tip included). I had it done by the shop owner so his rate was higher then normal but that was the 4th time I had been to him so he cut me a deal.

    I hope that helps. There really can be a lot of variation. They will give you a quote (they should) if you call and ask about it.


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