She can't look at me without smiling?

I work with this girl who I find incredibly attractive. It's a part time job for me, so I only see her once or twice a week and the only time we see each other is like brief two or three minute periods.

We can't look at each other without smiling at each other.. It's really weird?

Today, she was walking in a direct path towards me and I could tell from a distance she was trying not to smile. As we got closer, she started smiling.

I joked, "What are you laughing at?"

She replies "your face!"

She is always constantly teasing me with stuff like that. But, the girl cannot look at me without smiling ear to ear. And I can't look at her and not smile. It's weird.

Should I ask her for her number?


Most Helpful Girl

  • YES ASK HER FOR HER # INSTANTLY. (if she is single)

    But from what I read...maybe you should she single?

    How long have you known her?

    Tbh girls do that if they think you are cute...or funny. She might think of you as a Friendly funny dude or a Cute guy she has a slight crush on...either way try to get with it or get lost. lol


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  • Yes you should :) That is super cute. Every guy I have had a crush on or found highly attracted to I couldn't help but smile around them. Ask for her number :) Definitely :)


What Guys Said 1

  • Yes ask her or number or out or both


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