She is not looking for a guy because of a bad relationship she got out of.

So there is this girl I like and we flirt quite a bit. So few weeks ago I got drunk and she used the opportunity to try tell her if I like her, but I did not. She kept repeatedly asking me that night what I think of her with out asking me if liked her and I did not give a direct response.Than she asked me" what I thought of her in a scale of 1-10." I did not give her anything and she gave up.

So 2 days ago we were hanging out and I pose a situation of a "friend" with girl issues. She has met the person who I chose to use as an example, and as I was telling his situation (which actually is our situation) she asks "if the girl is the appropriate height for him since he is short", so first question did she know I was asking her about us? So she tells me |girls are not stupid and they know when a guy flirts and like her. She might flirt a little but not to much if she does not like him". Than I tell her that she asked him if he liked her in an indirect way. She says "a girl will not ask a guy if he likes her, if she did not like him because it would be awkward", than she tells "in rare occasions girls do that to boost confident", and I ask her would she do that and she says no. Than she say's "if a girl asks a guy if he thinks she is hot it's definitely a sign she likes him" (btw when I was posing the scenario of the friend, I left out the rating of the 1-10 questions she asked me), right after she tells me that, she asks me in a joking way" if I thought she was hot",in such away that if I said no she can play it off, but I play along with her and playfully check her out. Than she tells me "if a girl flirts with guy but does not like him, she would not hang out alone with him, she would invite someone along", and we were hanging out alone that time, this was one of the man hints she dropped. But I heard from her friend that she told him she is not looking for a guy because of a bad relationship she got out of. So having all that said was that her way of telling me she likes me?


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  • Do you need her to hire the Goodyear Blimp? Hang a banner from the Empire State Building? Tattoo it across your arm?

    She all but spelled it out for you, dude.

  • yesss!


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