What time period attracts you the most and for what reason?

What century - to be more specific. =o)

And what would be the one drawback of that age for you?

I'm deviously attracted to the 15th century. Renaissance, the art, the literature. I'd like to hang out with Leonardo da Vinci! Man! Would we have a blast. Not to mention all the wenches.

The only drawback would be the gay clothing. :/

How about you?



Most Helpful Girl

  • The second half of the 18th century sounds like the best period for me. Romanticism just started, Edgar Allan Poe, Goethe, Lord Byron, Mary Shelly...the very beginnings of the gothic novel, the new faith in a second, mystical world. Witches, monsters and vampires roaming the planet, or so they thought. I love the mystery they accepted, the novel creations they presumed would be rejected, yet continued to write...disregarding the fact they might never be recognized for their talents. The music of Mozart, Haydn and Beethoven just composed. Like freshly baked bread. You can't wait to try it and it always fills you with this strange sensation of satisfaction over and over again. Maybe I'd even tra to make a contribution to the arts. See if I had what it takes to make it in the era of Romanticism. The only draw back would be the clothing, because I really don't like huge gowns or even bigger whigs that women ofter wore. I'd probably wear something simpler,...and as the poorer society members often had simpler clothing, I think people would assume I'm of a lower station (no ruffles, whigs, or too ostentacious jewelry). Artists were almost always poor themselves. Why not fit in?


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  • me it would be the late 1800's just the way of life then was so much simpler, however living without hydro would be a B****


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  • The Egyptian period, specifically from the Middle Kingdom to the Late Period of the Ancient History.

  • neolithic

    because I'm a cave man


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