When should I try texting this girl again?

We've been friends for a while and like, while we normally text like two times a week or so (like once and then wait like two-three days), we've texted each other pretty much nonstop since Thursday. It used to be like that like a year ago but a lot of drama happened and we sort of quit being friends for a while. This was like the first time we've texted at a rate like we used to

I wanted to text again today, so I just texted her "Hey, what's up?" (since we've texted so much lately I thought that was good enough), but I never got anything back.

I know that she may text me back but I highly doubt it (did it like 6 hours ago), since that really isn't something that you'll reply to on the next day lol

So... How long should I wait before trying it again? (Don't wanna be too pushy lol)


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  • She might of been busy when you texted her so that may be why she didn't text you back. So you never know she might still text you back. And if she doesn't then I would suggest waiting maybe a day or two to text her back. But try not to text her the exact same thing you sent before. And you wouldn't seem pushy if you do that either... Hope this help alittle :)


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  • Where do you live?

    • Don't see how its relevant but the south

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    • ...wow

    • On topic knowing now that you aren't a creeper that I know.. I'd say 12 hours from when you sent it.

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